Our franchisees can provide the right customer-focused display stands free on loan, a range of fantastic greetings cards and ancillaries, new designs every month and a full merchandising service - all at zero cost, you only pay for what has already been sold at each merchandising call!

Retailers therefore have nothing to invest or to lose, the cards sell themselves. The business model is that simple!

Having some of the best product ranges and display solutions ensures that the display in store looks good and with our national team of franchisees calling on an average of once a month to service the displays, you can be assured of our commitment to ensuring every range and every design performs. If it doesn't we remove it and replace with an alternative - each display pocket must perform.

The retailer will either pay the franchisee there and then or if part of a National Account group, the invoice will be paid centrally.

Whilst the majority of our independent retailers prefer the sale or return, consignment system, it may not suit everyone and so we also offer the option of a firm sale system.

Franchisees also offer free, expert advice on all our product ranges and display options. Add to this the service support and the fact that no investment is required and the OPC offer is one that is difficult to beat.

Isn't it time for a change?

Let OPC help manage your greeting card space and maximise your retail sales - with no risk! Call us today and we'll arrange for your local franchisee to visit you to discuss your specific requirements.


 John Miller, Franchisee, Country Victoria
The franchise is very simple; I put a stand or a spinner into a store, merchandise each month with bestselling designs and collect money. I love the fact that I can operate out of my home, so overheads are low.
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