OPC Australia is thrilled to welcome Kathryn Tang

01 Jun 2017

OPC Australia is thrilled to welcome Kathryn Tang, who has taken over the Perth South Franchise.
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John Miller joins OPC Australia greeting cards franchise

17 Aug 2016

OPC Australia offers a warm welcome to John Miller, OPC Victoria franchisee.
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OPC product now available in Farmer Jacks

27 Jun 2016

Ken Chiang installs OPC greeting card products in Farmer Jacks, Currambine
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OPC Australia partner with Pharmacy 777

16 Jun 2016

OPC Australia are pleased to announce their partnership with Pharmacy 777 based in Western Australia.
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OPC Australia becomes charge back client for Supermarkets West

16 Jun 2016

OPC Australia become a charge back client for Supermarkets West in WA. Supermarkets West include the Farmer Jack's Supermaket group with 100,000 people going through the stores each week.
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OPC Australia becomes a chargeback client with Spar Australia.

24 Sep 2014

Spar has more than 12,000 stores in 35 countries, it is one of the largest, most progressive and innovative food retailers in the world.
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OPC Australia becomes a charge through client with Metcash

13 Aug 2014

OPC Australia have become a charge through client for Metcash, Australia’s largest independent supermarket chain.
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Australia announces new Master Franchisee and a new website

14 Dec 2012

OPC are thrilled to announce the commencement of Caroline Esmond as the new Master Franchisee for Australia.
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How e-cards are affecting greetings card franchises

30 Oct 2012

So, our society is becoming more and more digital but what does this mean for the greetings card industry?
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OPC Wins Awards at Dutch Greeting Card Awards

07 Mar 2012

We won we won we won! Two awards for Life, at the Dutch Greeting Card Awards!
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Original Poster Company nominated for Dutch Greeting Cards Awards

01 Feb 2012

OPC has been nominated for awards in three greetings card categories at the forthcoming Dutch Card Awards.
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OPC donates £20,000 to Charity

23 Jan 2012

To celebrate 20 years in business, Walton-based greeting card publisher The Original Poster Company is donating £5,000 to each of four charities.
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