Are you an established franchise with proven results?

Yes, we have been franchising our greeting card distribution business for over 25 years. Over time the product ranges have increased enormously and our geographic spread now encompasses four continents.

How does the OPC franchise work?

It is a simple concept. You install a planned greeting card display in an independent retail outlet or a National Account such as a Metcash store. You service your outlet once a month to maintain the display by restocking and developing the ranges. You collect your money for the stock sold or invoice the National Account via our Support Centre for guaranteed payment.

How many Franchisees do you have?

We currently have 8 franchisees in Australia, 57 franchisees in the UK (some with double territories), as well as Master Franchise operations in countries around the world. We have Greenfield areas for sale as well as existing areas, which come with an income from day one.

Where is The Original Poster Company based?

Our Support Centre is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland and we are here to assist our franchisees build their business and support them throughout the process.

Is this a proven method of distribution?

Yes. The Original Poster Company and a few competitors have established a proven and growing market for consignment distribution (sale or return). The Original Poster Company, through consistent growth, is now the world's largest franchised greeting card distributor.

How much does it cost to buy an OPC franchise?

There are two types of OPC Franchise opportunities available in the Australian region.

Greenfield Franchise

Greenfield franchise businesses or virgin territories include a stock package for the initial set-up of the area.

  • A single initial franchise fee to OPC of $4,700 plus GST
  • A stock and display package.

Established Areas for Resale

Resale franchise businesses are valued according to their proven historical profitability, the goodwill.  The purchase price is made up of 3 elements:

  • A single initial franchise fee to OPC of $4,700 plus GST
  • A goodwill payment
  • The transfer of stock and equipment at cost price.

Full details are available in a Business Prospectus.

What else do I need to operate a franchise?

You will need a family sized car to distribute the cards, a home office and home storage area for the preparation of your card orders and storage to hold stands.

How do I finance the purchase?

The franchise may be purchased with a combination of private funds and bank loans. Loans can be obtained from your local business banker of your current bank.

How can I grow the business and make money?

You can earn money in two ways.

  • The earning potential of the business is not limited. The more cards you sell the more money you can make.
  • As you build your business it increases in value, which you realise when you sell your franchise.

What fees do I pay to OPC?

There is a single initial fee of $4,700 plus GST to join our franchise. We do not charge any sales royalty or service management fees.

How good is the OPC product range?

We have a fantastic range including greeting cards for birthday, blank, ages, relations, occasions, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and gift wrap and gift bags.

All our products are developed by our own studio, working with artists and photographers and using cards and envelopes manufactured in the UK using Forest Stewardship Council accredited board.

We introduce new ranges and new designs every month to keep the product ranges fresh.

What do I do next to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about an OPC franchise, please contact us using this website or give us a call on 07 5538 6983. We shall then contact you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information.

We will be available to meet with you, without obligation, to discuss your interest in franchising with OPC.


 Kathryn Tang, Franchisee, Perth South
I love the fact that I have repeat business each month from my retailers. Supplying the cards on consignment to store owners is a great bonus, and it helps me when I present to a store owner.
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